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  • Scottish Government
  • NHS
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Edinburgh Council
  • Architecture and Design Scotland
  • Barnardos
  • Design Council
  • University of Dundee
  • Stirling Council
  • Glasgow School of Art
  • Edinburgh Festivals
  • STV
  • British Council
  • Young Scot

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    We consider the whole customer experience from drop in centre to transaction on apps

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    We diagnose and re-design your processes to make them more efficient

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    Internal Culture
    We involve your staff so they are involved in change and get behind your mission

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    People and empathy
    We are always people-centred and consider empathy across the customer journey

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    New approaches made easy
    Looking for change? We walk you through innovation processes

Snook are proud of…

Care Information Scotland


The purpose of this project was to review the existing service model for Care Information Scotland. This was essentially about exploring what a care information service should look like by working closely with those needing care, those supporting them in their daily lives, and those who have not really thought about care at all. Co-design workshops allowed participants to design a service they would want to use, and prototypes were then produced from the ideas generated. An interactive service blueprint outlining the many channels and touch-points through which people might engage with the service is part of the final recommendations report.

Inside Snook

Civic Shop | Somerset House

We’re delighted to have some work inside the Civic Shop, a space inside Somerset House showcasing civic products to the public. Brain child of Cassie Robinson, she has curated and produced a suite of products to highlight […]

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