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“What every victim of abuse wants is a safe place to go to. That includes online too.”

Four organisations working together to find out what role digital technologies can play in supporting people affected by domestic abuse.

Know How: Digital and design innovation for the arts

What happens when you bring arts, cultural and heritage organisations together? They come up with some ingenious prototypes.

City and Guilds: Service strategy for employability skills

Building the end-to-end view of an education service designed to help young people acquire the workplace skills they need to succeed.

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We put people at the centre of everything we do through research, strategy, design and delivery. We offer a range of services to tackle problems, build on opportunities and design the right solution with you.

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Working across the public, private and third sector for 7 years

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Reflecting on the Learner Journey report

Travelling around Scotland speaking to learners and businesses in order to map the landscape of skills and enterprise

Give as much as you get. And even more.

Research workshops on emotional topics: 6 things to consider.

10 days, 4 service prototypes

When there is a short amount of time to protoype, how can you work together, and really speedily, to make it happen?

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