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We are an award-winning design agency based in Glasgow and London, helping organisations produce great services by putting people first

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wg_reggie house

“Housing is a place for you to call home”

Through a fast-paced 8-week research sprint, we set off to explore what current and future customers need from social housing, now and in the future.

techVSabuse: “What every victim of abuse wants is a safe place to go to. That includes online too.”

Four organisations working together to find out what role digital technologies can play in supporting people affected by domestic abuse.

Aye Mind: Designing a mental health service for young people

Exploring and developing a digital platform with and for young people to promote their mental health and wellbeing.

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So, how can we help?

We put people at the centre of everything we do through research, strategy, design and delivery. We offer a range of services to tackle problems, build on opportunities and design the right solution with you.

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Working across the public, private and third sector for 7 years

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10 things to consider when planning a sensitive project

Here we lay out what we have learnt about how to care for ourselves and others when working on a sensitive project.

Put on your oxygen mask before helping others

In order to design effectively, we aim to understand what people truly need and how those needs fit into their lives.

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On Friday we were proud to launch Design on the Inside, a bi-monthly breakfast meetup in London for people designing services on the inside of organisations.

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