About this event

Some people think user research is simply going out and speaking to the people that use your product or service. But coming back from the field with a pile of raw notes won’t help yourteam make the decisions that enable them to build the right thing.

You need to do high-quality analysis to get accurate insights about your users – and this course from Snook will show you how to do just that.

User researchers spend a considerable portion of their time analysing their data. It’s the process by which they turn observations about users into actionable insights for their teams. If those insights are not based on a robust and rigorous process, teams risk working from an inaccurate understanding of their users – the very problem that user research is trying to solve in the first place.

However, robustness and rigour clash with the tight timelines and budgets that user researchers often find themselves working to. Being able to strike that balance within the constraints of a project is a key skill for user researchers to master.

This hands on and active learning course we cover the theory and practice that will equip you to do high-quality analysis in a variety of project contexts.

The course

The course runs over 2 half days (09.30 – 13.00 both days) to allow the participants reflection time between the days and comes with a post pack email of further reading and material gathered during the course to digest in your leisure.

What you will learn

For over a decade Snook has been doing qualitative data analysis on projects of all sizes and types, across the public, private and third sectors. We’ve funnelled our knowledge into this course, where you’ll learn:

– The basic concepts that underpin robust qualitative data analysis
– The common qualitative data methods used in user research, and how to do them well
– How to balance rigour with the reality of having to get stuff done
– How to synthesise useful and actionable insights from your data
– How to navigate the gap between doing your analysis and reporting your findings


Who should go on this course

We’ve designed this course for:

– People who are new to user research and want a solid overview of analysing qualitative user research data
– Established user researchers who would like to dig a bit deeper into the theory and practice of analysis
– People who sometimes get involved in analysis, such as designers and product managers, and want to improve how they work with their researchers


We reserve some free spaces for those on low incomes. These are limited but we will have more opportunities on courses coming out later in the year. If you’re a student, on maternity leave or unemployed at the moment please contact us and say hello. We don’t ask for evidence – we trust you. Please email training@wearesnook.com to be added to the ongoing waiting list.

Want to train your whole team? All our courses are available to run privately with your team, we work with you to create the best course for your needs & objectives, it can be a bespoke set of courses for one team, creating design literacy across your organisation or a one off Masterclass. Please feel free to say hello at training@wearesnook.com and we can talk through your needs and ideas.

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