He came to Snook with experience in the crossover between service design and the built environment. He led a community project in his home town of Darwen, Lancashire, where he worked with the council and community to envision a new and thriving future for the town centre and market.

Since then, Liam has worked with organisations across the UK and Europe on a series of place related projects, from co-creating Hubs of Innovation, prototyping a new Environmental Impact Assessment process, and designing, delivering and maintaining platforms which reward citizens for their ‘green’ behaviours.

Outside of the studio, Liam also works with a charity which helps to raise the aspirations and employability of disadvantaged young people. He can often be found exploring the outdoors with his dog, friends and family between London, Lancashire and beyond. From DIY at home, to his local community, he never stops thinking about how to improve the world around him.

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