She has a first degree in ergonomics from Loughborough University and a PhD in Human Centred Design where, in partnership with a leading mobile phone company, she developed tools and methods to explore user needs for future mobile services.

Alongside her role at Snook, Val is Programme Director for the User Experience Design MA at Loughborough University where she teaches Experience Design and Service Design to undergraduate and postgraduate design students. At Loughborough, she has managed and worked as a user researcher and experience designer on many commercial and government funded projects, particularly in the mobile communication and sustainable energy sectors. She is experienced at working in multidisciplinary teams and likes to work as the ‘bridge’ between user and technologists within complex projects, using persona and scenario based design methods to consider user needs at all stages of the design process.

Outside of work, Val likes being out and about in the countryside, getting lost in cities, and running about indoors playing squash.

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